What is Rubycoin?

Rubycoin (RBY) is a cryptocurrency used for secure and instant value transfer globally. The cryptocurrency follows a peer-to-peer and decentralized network that has no intervention of any government, bank, or company. It uses blockchain technology for various functions. The users of this cryptocurrency have to download Rubycoin wallet as it plays a vital role in the transactions done on the network. Any individual can exchange and store coins on this platform without any involvement of third party. Some of its unique features include –

• Privacy – Addresses, names or any other personal information is not linked to Rubycoin address. Therefore, all your private information stay secured.
• Decentralized – The cryptocurrency has an open-source decentralized network that has no bank, company, or governance in charge.
• Secure – Owing to strong encryption and network consensus, Rubycoin possesses a secure ledger that benefit users.
• Low inflation – It has lowest inflation rate that means network will provide good economic condition to the users.
• Energy Efficient – The cryptocurrency is among the most energy-efficient and eco-friendly platforms. It uses less amount of energy in order to secure the network.

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