What is Dash Mining?

Dash was earlier known as Dark coin and it was an open source cryptocurrency that provided almost the same features like Bitcoin. It however has some advanced features like Instant Send for instantaneous transactions, DGBB for decentralized governance and Private Send for private transactions. To empower the network Dash makes use of a dual tier architecture where the first tier will be miners for securing the network and the second comprising of master nodes that make sure Dash features can be activated.

The Dash foundation rests on the block chain which refers to a decentralized ledger that contains records of all transactions that have happened. This is then secured through Proof of Work system which is a consensus mechanism. Miners will try to solve hard problems using specialized computers. When they can successfully resolve these, they have the right to add new blocks to the existing block chain. When everyone on the network agrees that problems have been correctly solved, the block gets added and the miners are consequently rewarded.

You will need ASICs or Application Specific Integrated Circuits in order to solve these problems faster and will the maximum efficiency. The GPU or CPU mining is not cost-effective but it is a simple process that is will ensure highest hash rates for the CPU.

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