What is a Decentralized Application?

Centralized systems are what you will find for majority of applications. These control operation of individual components directly and information flows from one centre. Decentralized application basically means there is no node for instructing other nodes on what to do. The Ethereum works like a decentralized appstore and any individual can publish unstoppable apps or “dapps”. These dapps will not need middleman to run. The dapps will connect providers and users directly. When you publish any message to a blockchain, you cannot erase it.

To get a decentralized status, the dapps need to satisfy some important criteria:

• The applications need to be autonomous and open-source.
• Cryptographic tokens will be used for accessing the applications.
• The data gets stored cryptographically in block chains.
• The tokens get generated depending on algorithms which will offer incentives to make contributions to this system

So the dapps will never be controlled by any one entity. The Bitcoin is decentralized value exchange but dapps will try to get functionalities beyond transactions. May different types of dapps are evolving these days as the block chain technology progresses. So, more and more people and businesses are recognizing potentials of decentralization of not only money, but also any kind of computing. Dapps stand for the new generation of computing. So, in a decentralized environment, everything takes place using a peer-to-peer network. The notion of centralized entities has become non-existent.

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