What is Consensus?

In Bitcoin, Consensus term is often used in various ways. There are some rules in Bitcoin that are known as consensus rules which full nodes of Bitcoin have to consider when confirming a transaction on the network. For instance, consensus rules of Bitcoin needs the blocks that creates specific Bitcoins. In case, a block produces more than the required Bitcoins, then full nodes will not confirm the block and every miner had to accept it. Removal of consensus rule needs hardfork; whereas adding consensus rules is done by softfork. These rules are concerned only with transactions confirmation and blocks validation.

If an economy disagrees from these rules, then economy and currency get separated into two independent pieces. In place of consensus rules, these rules can also be known as rules of Bitcoin or hard rules.

In addition, consensus is also referred to as no objection among the people that matter. In case of Bitcoin, following consensus rules is much required, no section of Bitcoin can oppose hardfork. This agreement level is known as near-unanimous or non-contentious.

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