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Monero Mining

Monero (XMR) is a cryptocurrency based on CryptoNote algorithm. This cryptocurrency solves the privacy issue with Bitcoin. Currently, no ASIC endorsements are required for Monero that means any individual can mine this cryptocurrency with a computer. Three years ago, the Monero price was $1.30 and now it is $86.8423 and the same has been explained by the chart below –

What is Monero?

Monero is an open-source cryptocurrency that focuses on decentralization, privacy, and Scalability. Based on CryptoNote protocol, the cryptocurrency Monero experienced an instant growth in the market capitalization from $5M to $185M. Monero plays an important role in solving the privacy issue of Bitcoin. It hides the amount and sender and receiver personal information. Moneo's symbol is XMR.

What is Monero?

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Is Monero Mining Profitable?

Monero Mining

There are more factors to consider Monero mining for gaining more profits comparitively. Market and mining users and also investors prospective, etc.

Monero Mining

Anonymous transaction algorithm and quick & easy process are main advantages, There is no third party transaction or involvement directly in Monero mining process.

Why Choose Bitomax for Monero Mining?

Bitomax is one of the leading cryptocurrency mining service providers across the world. With an access to the leading latest technologies and big industrial data centers, Bitomax provides excellent mining services at an affordable price. Bitomax mining platform simplifies the Monero Mining process and provides the newly mined coins in the easiest way. Our list of services include –

Monero Mining

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Monero Mining

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Monero Mining

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Monero Mining

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Monero Mining

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Monero Mining

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