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BitoMax Services are purely obey the rules and regulations of the locality. before availing services of BitoMax, prefer to go with a proper Research and understand the rules and regulations and also the cryptocurrency mining is legal in your state or region/country.

cryptocurrency mining and trading follow utmost risk factors which are not suitable for all kinds of investors. BitoMax cannot predict the future of cryptocurrency mining in the industry. So, we suggest investors take the decision to invest in bitcoin or cryptocurrency mining with having a proper knowledge and ready to wear any kind of risk factors further. be clear with the main objective of your investment in BitoMax..

Possibilities of profit or loss of your investment purely depend on the trading. No one can predict the future of cryptocurrency mining. If you are not above the level of bearing the risk factors and loss in cryptocurrency, we suggest you do not invest in Cryptocurrency in India trading or else BitoMax services..

BitoMax Continuously keeps or tracking each and every investment company, based on that we do provide a valuable return on investment, but we are not responsible for any of your investment loss or financial matters. we do not provide any financial advisor to any investor..

Investors are the sole responsibility for their Invest in mining machines profit or loss.

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